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Don't let the cold British weather dampen your spirits. Get some friends or family together and share a fondue. The ultimate comfort food, what's not to like about all that cheesy goodness? Packed full of vitamin B12 to boost your energy and heaps of zinc to lift your mood, you can't beat the experience of dunking bits of bread into gooey cheese and trying desperately hard not to lose most of it as it takes it's journey into your mouth.

But fondue isn't all about cheese. No sir! Head over to our history section to find out how this Swiss staple began life. Then take a look at our recipes section to discover some great ideas for your fondue night, including savoury dishes featuring oil or broth, as well as dessert varieties using sumptous chocolate and supersweet caramel.

Then, once we've got your tastebuds salivating, pop over to our equipment section, where we promise we've got everything you need covered.

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